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Clark Subic News

Here you'll find news stories related to the Clark and Subic Freeports

Exciting things are happening in these two leisure and business zones.  An entire transformation is occurring before our eyes. The Philippines of the past will forever be changed due to the lightning fast progress and development taking place in these leading districts.  Stay on top of the news specific to Clark and Subic right here.

Posted 07/22/2020 – Clark, the New Aerotropolis

Posted 07/09/2020 – Clark Opening ahead of Manila after COVID-19 Quarantine

Posted 07/09/2020 – New Clark City Agricultural Industrial Business Zone

Posted 09/13/2016 – Philippine Airlines Coming to Clark International Airport

Posted 08/24/2016 – Clark Olympic City Sports Complex

Posted 05-15-13 – World Series Qualifying Tournament coming to Clark

Posted/Updated 11-25-08 – 2009 Clark Freeport Hot Air Balloon Festival

Posted 11-13-08 – Subic Bay to Host 3-Day Bakasyon Grande Feista/Festival

Posted 11-05-08 – Subic/Cawag to be Home of Neocove – a Donald Trump Project

Poster 10-29-08 – Miss Earth 2008 to Bring International Awareness to Clark

Posted 09-05-08 – Remodeled Championship Golf Course Planned for Subic and New Courses on the Drawing Board

Posted 09-05-08 – Cebu Pacific Offering Fights to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Bangkok from Clark Airport

Posted 08-29-08 – Clark Global Gateway Logistics City Under Way

Posted 05-27-08 – DMIA Clark Airport Designated Open Skies Entry Point

Posted 05-05-08 – Philippines DOT Adventure Tourism Seminar

Posted 04-05-08 – Clark Airport Receives “Airport of the Year” Award from Frost & Sullivan Consultant Group

Posted 03-27-08 – Assurances of Tax Incentives and Some Guidelines from CDC/CILA Meeting

Posted 03-18-08 – The Philippines Goes World-Class with Clark, Subic Tarlac Expressway (SCTex) Opening

Posted 02-13-08 – Clark Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival a Hot Success

Posted 01-13-08 – Running of the Clark International Marathon

Posted 01-05-08 – Clark Freeport Hot Air Balloon Festival

Posted 01-05-08 – First International Clark Marathon

Posted 10-12-07 – The Airbus A-380 Arrives at Clark Freeport