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Clark Subic Marketing is expanding its vacation offerings at the Clark Subic Tarlac mega destination. We now offer great deals on unique and vacation packages for tourists who travel to these zones via NLEX to the new SCTEX highways and by air at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA) at the Clark Special Economic Zone. With the completion of the new SCTEX super highway, Clark and Subic truly become as a single super destination.



We now offer extremely affordable, budget-focused packages for both the average Filipino family and the international tourist alike. Our superior connection and established relationships with virtually all of the hotels, resorts, theme parks and adventure tourism facilities allow us to give your immediate and extended family, function or business group the absolute best prices on some of the most desirable destinations and fun in the zones.

For the local Filipino weekend getaway-tourist the deals are a relief to their budget and offer one of the most affordable destinations only a couple of hours from Manila. Why not ride yourself of the same-old day-to-day routine? Enjoy a different environment with a generally cooler climate and great facilities to excite your senses! When your co-worker questions you about your weekend and what you did, why not have some exciting stories to tell them. We have packages that will not only protect your savings account but offer experiences of a lifetime.



Subic Bay and Clark are now interconnected by only a 45 minute drive and offers-up this super-zone up to international travelers looking for the most for their hard-earned money arriving from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau, who fly into the Philippines for weekend trips. You can avail yourself of the favorable Philippine Peso exchange rate and really save on your next vacation by choosing the Philippines Clark-Subic corridor for your next getaway. Here you’ll find hotel and resort facilities that range from budget to luxury.

The two areas each have their unique attributes and features. For Clark, the focus is world-class golf courses( almost half a dozen now), great themed casinos, a U.S. style water park and full featured, upper-end hotel accommodations while Subic adds a wide range of activities such as adventure tourism parks, water sports, great theme parks and beach resorts. If the husband is an avid golfer and casino fan and the rest of the family is looking for more fun and excitement then consider staying in Clark.




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