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OVBR in Olongapo Subic. Avail yourself of incredible discounted package-rates for a room directly on the beach that will pleasantly surprise you. Make your family or group happy and help to lighten your load in difficult economic times. Rates are too low to list! Call now for the absolute best rates in Subic.

Ocean Front Travel Package

Best Economy Deal for Large Groups

This package is ideal for large families or groups looking for the absolute best deal for their money. Package is based on 8 to 12 people sharing a large beach resort room. You and your family or group get to enjoy clean and comfortable accommodations at the extremely popular Ocean View Beach Resort. Fantastic and abundant water-fun is the name of the game at this facility. Imagine enjoying a balmy beach resort as you and your family and friends swim for many hours. Then sit beside the gentle ocean waves while playing cards and enjoying your favorite beer and refreshments, as your barbeque fills the air with the tempting and savory aroma of an outdoor grilled meal.

Bring Your Own Food and Save Even More

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food to this facility at no extra cost. By day you can swim, jet-ski, ride the banana boat, explore the beach or just read a good book at a seaside Nipa Hut as the cool Subic sea breeze refreshes your senses. Where else can a large group of 8 to 12 spend the night at a full-featured beach resort and experience all of this excitement for these rock-bottom prices.


Lodge with the movie stars in these former U.S. officers houses located in the lush, green forest of Subic Bay. These are in a beautiful, hidden spot, away from all the hustle and bustle, but only a few minutes from where you want to be—the beach! Peaceful, serene, luxurious, large, family-style residence/villas; these housing units that commonly visited by Filipino celebrities when they want to lodge and play in Subic.

Lurury Room Travel Packages in Subic


The BF Hotel is advantageously located along Waterfront Road in the desirable Moonbay Marina district. This Mediterranean-inspired hotel has all of the amenities you deserve allowing for a private, comfortable and full-featured stay. One of the best features of this hotel is that it is facing west toward the seaboard so you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from your room at this premier location in Subic Bay. Enjoy an incredible indoor pool for the ultimate in extra-value accommodations.

Subic Bay Moonbay Marina Hotel with Luxury Swimming Pool

Authentic Asian Food on-Site

This hotel features some great cuisine. Sample the authentic Korean and Japanese cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Hold intimate parties or corporate meetings in the restaurant's modest function room which can accommodate a group of up to 60 PAX.

ATTRACTION PACKAGE OPTIONS (Choose One to go with your accommodations above)

ATTRACTION OPTION ONE - ZOOBIC SAFARI: Combine your accommodations with the extremely popular Zoobic Safari tiger and wild animal adventure park. This facility is set on 25 hectares of pristine forested land in the Subic Freeport. Enjoy numerous different wild animals in their nature environment roaming and playing. Go for a safari ride with tigers around and about you. Enjoy up-close encounters as the tigers come within a few inches of your face eating a chicken carcass at the side of your safari jeep. Perhaps you will feel the immense size and weight of a Siberian tiger as he jumps on top of your vehicle finishing his chicken carcass. Feed some of the over 200 crocodiles with a pole and line at the Croco Loco Lagoon. Pet exotic animals in the petting zoo, or if the timing is right, you can hold a junior tiger and get your picture taken with these magnificent creatures as part of the included animal show. Drive through the Savannah attraction alongside numerous exotic animals such as wild ostriches, pot belly pigs, wild boars and guinea fowls. Many additional features await you and your family or group at Zoobic.

ATTRACTION OPTION TWO - TREETOP ADVENTURE: Combine your accommodations with the excitement, adrenaline-rush and the fun of Treetop Adventure. This bold choice is great for company teambuilding trips or for those families wanting something more than the usual mundane vacation experience. Encounter adventure tourism at its finest as you find yourself suspended 100 feet above the ground in a canopy chair as the expansive, tree-lined views of the lush Subic rainforest fill your senses. Experience the jungle trekking experience on the ground in the deep rain forest and and 100 feet above the ground, consisting of platforms and suspension bridges. Flirt with gravity as you rappel quickly 60 feet down the side of a tall canopy tree! If you dare, fly like superman suspended horizontally for a distance of several hundred meters on sturdy, heavy-duty cables hung between two giant old rainforest trees. This adventure is not for the timid or those afraid of heights.


Clark Subic Marketing is now offering high-value team building packages at two of the newest, most exciting, challenging and adventurous Subic Bay team building facilities available. Due to our extremely low prices, contract terms and ability to undercut the competition, we cannot expose the facilities.

Give us a call to see how we can save your company money and help keep your employees focused and working together by building valuable and extremely necessary teambuilding skills. For your custom-configured Subic teambuilding package call or send a secure email form using the links below to Yette now for details and the absolute best prices for corporate teambuilding in Subic Bay.

Examples of Our Corporate Teambuilding Prices:


Centipede Pedal Lesson Learned: Balance and Communication. Cross through the maze using the wooden paddle bar. Only 4-6 persons at a time that can pass through the obstacle. After the first batch they will get back and pick the other members until all were done.

Teambuilding Centipede Pedal

Matrix Fence Activity Lesson Learned: Planning and Cooperation. Everyone must pass through the crisscross wires without dubbing any barriers. Your flexibility will be tested.

Teambuilding Matrix Fence Activity

Trust-Fall Lesson Learned: Helps develop mutual respect, openness, understanding and empathy. A purported trust building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows himself to fall, relying on the other members of the group (spotters) to catch him.

Teambuilding Trust fall

Bayakan Basketball Lesson Learned: Concentration, focus and patience. The objective is to fit the steel plate to steel pole, but one catch, the challenge is it has to be done blind-folded.

Teambuilding Bayakan Basketball

Fire Making Lesson Learned: To be resourceful in a survival situation! Look and find the natural resources available at the jungle area.

Teambuilding Fire Making


Aeta Dance Lesson Learned: Appreciation of Culture Participants should mimic the dance steps of the Aetas. Build confidence in performance in front of groups.

Teambuilding Native Dance

Dart Blow Lesson Learned: Challenge, Accuracy and Strategy. Participants should bulls eye the target using the Blowguns (Sumpit) in order to obtain a score.

Teambuilding Dart Blow

Bow and Arrow Lesson Learned: Strategy and Accuracy. Participants attempt to hit Watermelons with an arrow in order to gain a score. Watermelons are hanged in mid-air by a rope.

Teambuilding Bow and Arrow


Superman Ride Lesson Learned: Risk Experience, Challenge and Fear Overcomming. A real wildlife soar from tree to tree while securely suspended horizontally face down.

Teambuilding Superman Ride

Tree Drop Lesson Learned: Risk Experience and Conquering Fear. Serene as the jungle may seem, there is also something there to quench your thirst for an adrenaline rush. Flirt with gravity by rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree! Each descent is a unique adventure as a variety of styles are used–the conventional, the lizard, the daring Australian style (face first).

Teambuilding Tree Drop

High Bridge Lesson Learned: Trust Building. Performing this task you have to walk along bridges with your eyes blindfolded. You can do the activity easier with the help of other team members who guide you on the right track. Everyone must do this.

Teambuilding High Bridge

Incredible Teambuilding Packages for Your Company.  Save Big on These Great Packages


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